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Maintenance and Care

With high build finish, our Solid Hardwood floors offer a durable finish that repels most household chemicals and is extremely easy to maintain.


Wood is hygroscopic. It will adapt to the temperature and the relative humidity in the surrounding area where it has been installed. The relative humidity should be between 60% to 80% (Malaysia) at all times. For areas with air-conditioning on 24 hours. The relative humidity will be lwer (the air feels dry) which may cause natural contraction of the boards and can be seen as small gaps between the timber strips. This doesn't affect the function and daily use of the floor.

If you are away for a longer period (2-3 weeks), we recommend that your air-conditioning systems is pre-set to operate 1-2 hours daily thus maintaining the above-mentioned relative humidity level. For areas without air-conditioning we recommend to keep your windows open to ensure sufficient ventilation to leaving doors or windows opened during rain falls, as any puddle of water left on the floor may damage the timber strips.


Vacuum-clean or dry mop the floor to remove surface dust and grit. Occasionally, the boor should be cleaned using a mild based cleaner or a solution of soap flakes and a well-wrung cloth. Important: The “ponding” of water must be kept to a minimum. Remove any puddle of water on the surface immediately.

Unlike other types of floors. solid hardwood floors can be Resanded and Re-varnished to retain its original luster and to add a new layer of protection. Hardwood floors can last for generations if proper care and maintenance are exercised.

Although our floors are tough, they are not indestructible and can be scratched and damaged through improper use. We offer the following suggestions to maximize the enjoyment of your floor. As with any floor covering material, a bit of preventative care and some common sense will go a long way in keeping your floor looking its best.

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